Thank you for your interest in organizing a workshop at the 2024 IAH World Groundwater Congress. Workshops will be held for in-person participants only. Workshops may be half or full day. Two-day workshops may be possible if there is sufficient demand. Submit your proposal to

Workshop location

Workshops will be held in the Davos Congress Center. Rooms will be available for use from 08:30 – 17:00 on Sunday 8 September 2024. The rooms will all be laid out in a classroom style, with desks and chairs for delegates providing space for up to 50 persons. If you need to change the room layout, then please contact us.

AV Equipment

The rooms are all equipped with a projector and screen. Wifi is provided. You will need to bring your own laptop and any adaptors for connecting/powering it. If you need any extra equipment or services, please state this in the workshop submission form.


The congress will arrange coffee breaks and lunch for participants.


All the workshops and short courses will be listed on the workshop page of the conference website, and will be promoted on blast emails and social media.

Booking and Payment

Delegates will book and pay for their workshop through the World Groundwater Congress website, when they register for the conference. The website is designed to take international payments by credit card or bank transfer. Any money due to you will be sent by bank transfer after the conference has concluded.


The congress organizer will charge a base fee for providing the infrastructure and a per participants fee for covering catering expenses. Please inquire for the related fees at Participant numbers (including lecturers) have to be communicated 30 days prior to the workshop to

Participant fee

You are free to define the fee per participant considering the expected participant number or maximum capacity of your event. We expect that you charge a lower fee for students. You can charge a higher fee than necessary for infrastructure/catering to cover additional costs (e.g. travel costs of lecturer). You can also charge less if you have funds available to subsidize your event and make it more accessible. Keep in mind that all presenters/speakers must be registered at the Congress. The cost per participant has to be communicated to us the latest on February 29th, 2024.

Any extra amounts collected not covering infrastructure and catering will be sent to you two weeks after the conference via bank transfer.

It will not be possible to change the price once delegates start booking places. If you require extra equipment or facilities after the rates have been set, you will need to arrange payment for these two weeks before the workshop.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your workshop at any stage, please get in touch with the Congress Organizers immediately (info@iah2024davos.or). Written requests to cancel a workshop must be sent at the latest by 1st March 2024 in order to avoid any cancellation fees. If cancellations are received after this deadline but more than 30 days before the workshop date, you will only be charged costs related to infrastructure, but not catering. If the workshop is cancelled less than 30 days before the event, you will be charged for catering as well.